New WiFi-Enabled Frame Features SideShow

A Living Picture has put its new WiFi-enabled picture frame up on Amazon and, man, I kinda want one. Even though nobody ever comes over to my apartment to see the TFT display with 800×480 resolution, it’d be a cool way to look at my pictures without one of those decidedly low-tech “photo albums.” Other features on this frame include a multi-format memory card reader, USB jack, RF remote control, and an audio output for WMA and MP3 formats. What’s really cool about this model, though is the support for Windows SideShow. If you’ve never played with SideShow, this means that your simple little picture frame can now display your stock portfolio, weather, TV schedule, and event calendar, too. Pretty dang neat stuff. There are two models, 7″ ($200) and 10.5″ ($300).

Picture this: Momento via Engadget]