BOB Will Turn Off Your TV

Back in the old days, my mom was around to shut off the TV when I was watching too much. She also used to tell me to stop using the computer for so long because I would hurt my eyes. Sadly, those days are gone and I now live in Chicago, one lone hippie on the banks of Lake Michigan.

This means that when I get home after work, I turn on my TV and plant my laptop firmly into my lap. Usually, I don’t turn them off until I go to sleep. Enter BOB.

BOB can be attached to any electronic device and programmed to shut off at a certain time. That way, I can stop being a bum and actually get something accomplished. It’s being marketed toward parents that want their kids to not play video games for every waking hour. I don’t see why the kid couldn’t just un-plug the Xbox and plug it straight into the wall if mom isn’t around, but OK, it’s not like kids are at all technically inclined or something.

[Product Page via Shiny Shiny]