BYO Falcon Northwest FragBox2

Not that you couldn’t build your own small-form-factor gaming PC in a Silverstone case before, but now you can get the satisfaction of doing it and still pretend you spent thousands of dollars on a pre-built system from a boutique vendor. Priced at $299 (pricey for sure, but it includes an ATX-sized 750-watt PSU), Falcon Northwest’s FragBox 2 chassis is now widely available through The case fits a microATX motherboard and the companies claim (it’s a Silverstone case designed for Falcon) you’ll be able to keep an AMD Athlon FX-60 with an Nvidia Quad-SLI graphics-card setup cool. It’s a nice-looking case, but if you’re not into the whole glowing-skull thing, there are certainly other options out there from the likes of Shuttle.

Falcon Northwest FragBox 2 Chassis []