Delphi SkyFi3 Gets Release Date: December 1

pretty soon, as they’ve just announced the XM-capable PMP is due out December 1. The small-ish player will support recording 10 hours of XM content, 30 minutes of live rewind, and 8 hours of live XM radio listening. If you use the rechargeable battery packs, you get either 90 minutes or up to 7 hours of XM radio and 40 hours of stored content, depending on which one you get.

The player can also play back MP3/WMA/WAV files, so don’t think your’e stuck just listening to whatever’s on XM that day. The price will be $229 and depending on which retailer you buy this at, they may be giving away the Live Wearable Kit ($49) for free. Not too bad for a device that’s 65% smaller than previous SkyFi models.

Press Release [PRNewswire via Orbitcast via Gadgettell]