Oracle Linux: Finally Introduced Tomorrow?

This isn’t strictly gadget news, but it’s big nonetheless. Larry Ellison, holder of the only Silicon Valley ego larger than Mr. Jobs at Apple, is set to drop Oracle’s Linux bomb on the Earth tomorrow at the Oracle OpenWorld in San Fancisco. Oracle is the 800 pound gorilla of the database world, with offices in 145 countries. Ellison himself was at one point Forbel’s magazine’s richest man in the world. This would mark the company’s first effort in the operating systems arena.

If true, this will confirm over one million Internet years worth of rumors about the project, and send many Linux fans into a frenzy. O’Reilly seems to think that Ubuntu, the current belle of the Linux ball will be the base for this new initiative, much to the chagrin of Red Hat.

Check back here throughout the day tomorrow to see exactly what Ellison has for us, if anything. Though this announcement has been expected for some time, it’s relevant that it’s finally getting off the ground.

Ellison to Announce Oracle Linux Tomorrow [ValleyWag]