Samsung Gets Thinner than Trace

It seems that every single time we in the GSM camp have a hot new phone to get excited about, we lord it over our CDMA brethren. Then, in short order, they get their own version, causing us to eat humble pie. See, for example, the RAZR or the Samsung D807.

The latest phone to jump ship for the stormy skies of Verizon and Sprint is the Samsung SPH-V9900, which is really just a slightly thinner (!?) T-Mobile Trace but with CDMA guts instead of GSM. But, as is the case with your CrunchGear staff, with age comes maturity. This 9900 ups the Trace’s 1.3 Megapixel camera to 2, and adds EV-DO 1x, making it a decent choice for photobloggers as a back-up.

No word on pricing yet, but look for this slender sexy Samsung sometime around the beginning of the year from Verizon, followed six months later by Sprint, probably in the $200 range. Oh, and it’s pink. Yea, we knew you’d like that.

Samsung to reveal rose-pink-color 6.9mm ultra edition handset