Super Talent Launches Solid-State IDE Drives

With standard consumer hard drive disk sizes quickly approaching 1TB for a single drive, this 16GB Flash-based drive (with a street price of about $500) from memory manufacturer Super Talent is puny. However, the company’s IDE Flash drives (available in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB capacities) are perfect for UMPCs and laptops because they are lightweight, have low power needs and are highly reliable. Also, with no moving, they are less susceptible to data corruption from drops, vibration and shocks.

No, this isn’t new technology, but in less than two years, IDE drives will be sitting in right along side HDDs in your favorite laptop vendor’s configurator. And believe me, once you’ve booted up your laptop from one of these, you’ll never worry about rotational speeds again.

Super Talent IDE Flash Drives [Product page]