Alienware MCE PC: Sleek And Powerful

Alienware is known for building high-end gaming PCs, but don’t expect to be playing F.E.A.R or Prey or any other current 3D game on its new media center. While it features a top-notch AMD 64 FX-62 dual-core CPU, a 1,000-watt amp (yes, its own power amp) and an HDMI output for high-definition video, Alienware went with integrated graphics on this box. I know space is limited in this thing, but couldn’t you have maybe, just maybe, used a discrete mobile GPU? At least the MCE PC looks pretty damn good when compared to other MCEs out there right now.

The stock hard drive is 160GB, but you can upgrade to 1.5TB, just in case you need the extra space. High-definition video output, a fast CPU and power amp all in one MCE, and all for $1,000 isn’t a bad deal at all.

Alienware MCE PC: Sleek And Powerful [gizmodo]