CG Staffer Suffers from Sony's Hubris

In some news earlier, we found out that Sony’s lawsuit against Lik-Sang caused the video game site to shut down completely, refunding its customers of any preorders they had placed. I was unpleasantly greeted with a cancellation of my PS3 preorder earlier today. Here’s the email:
to raj

Dear valued customer,

unfortunately, Lik Sang is forced to close its virtual doors for good. This
comes as a consequence of the several legal actions brought on us by Sony.
For more information on the situation, please point your browser to the
following link:

Therefore, as soon as humanly possible, we will cancel all existing orders,
including yours, and issue refunds where necessary.

Please note that it may take anywhere from a few days up to a week or two
for refunds to be processed by PayPal, your bank or your credit card
company, so please don’t worry if you don’t see it immediately on your
balance statement. You can rest assured that Lik-Sang is monitoring the
situation closely with all involved parties. No single customer will be
caught in the crossfire of this ordeal.

We are sorry to have to go, and we wish to thank you sincerely your support
over the past decade.

Warm regards and a big THANK YOU from the entire Hong Kong crew.

Team Lik-Sang

Sony released a statement earlier today that said,

Lik-Sang did not contest this case (i.e. they did not turn up and therefore incurred no legal costs). We have been awarded substantial costs against Lik-Sang which have not been paid. We would therefore strongly deny that our actions have had anything to do with this website closing (we assume the legal entity is still trading), and would suggest that this release is sour grapes on behalf Lik-Sang which is aimed to belittle Sony Computer Entertainment and the British judicial system that found against them.

Well, there you have it, the giant corporation stomping on an online video game retailer who probably would’ve lost its shirt it still had if it went toe-to-toe against Sony.

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