GPS System With Tri-Band Phone Announced

This little guy may look like a simple GPS, but do you see that little lit LED light in the top right corner? That’s to let you know that you have an incoming phone call. That’s right, this thing has GPRS 900/1000/1900 and it knows how to use it. The GPS01 by Sunlike International Electronic of Shenzhen also has that dazzling 4-inch TFT screen, a CF Type II card slot, a 28mm, 1W speaker and a 5 x 4mm mic. It also has some software built in that has a calculator, calendar and alarm clock. I can only find it available at this site, though. I would tell you a price and all that, but there isn’t one on the store’s page. I do know that I want this pretty badly, though.

GPS01 Navigation System With Tri-Band Phone [Navigadget]