Upcoming Mashup and Library House events

I think it was only towards the end of last year that Simon Grice’s etribes-backed panel and networking event started, but it quickly became one of the handful of good places to go and “talk Web 2.0” in London. It’s no coincidence I guess that etribes relaunched soon after mashup got going. The next mashup event is on 13th December (Wednesday), in central London.

The last event was in September – which about 180 senior execs registered for – focused on ‘Digital Lifestyle Aggregators’, a long-winded phrase but a useful acronym invented to describe the user-generated content and community focus of the likes of MySpace etc. Indeed, etribes is itself a pretender to the DLA crown – and they have as good a shot at it as anything, especially in the more “consumer friendly” market.

The mashup event in December, dubbed Advertising 2.0 will, as the blurb says, explore “how the online advertising, lead generation and marketing sector is rapidly evolving and adapting to new technologies and media (including high bandwidth video and audio).” In particular it’ll look at the ‘viral’ effect endemic to social networks.

As Simon says: “the impact of the Internet and Web2.0 services on marketing represents probably the biggest single shift in the way products and services are ‘advertised’ and it’s taking place right now.” And who would disagree?

Meanwhile Library House is organising “MediaTech 2.006: who is walking the walk?”, a one day event on November 30 at the Imax Theatre, London. The contact for it is research@libraryhouse.net (and registrants through mashup should put the code MID06 in the Fax line of the online payment/registration form).

(If there seems to be demand, I may do some live blogging from one or both of these events, depending on the circumstances).