Apple Hides 802.11n in New MacBook Pros

Apple seems to like the not-yet-official 802.11n WiFi standard, as its secretly packing it into both the latest iMac and now the spankin’ new Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro. Not that you can use the fancy new hardware, though, as OSX doesn’t recognize it as anything but a standard 802.11g card. We’re pretty sure that as soon as it becomes an IEEE standard protocol, that will change though.

That being said, it’s good of Apple to use futureproof hardware, as it shows foresight in that when the next hot industry standard is ratified, your new MacBook Pro will already have it onboard. This also means we’ll probably see this new not-so-standard shipping in other forthcoming WiFi enabled Apple products, like the iTV, or even the Apple HDTV monitors.

Apple sneaks draft 802.11n card into MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo [The Unofficial Apple Weblog, via Engadget]