Everex StepNote NC 1500: $500 Green Laptop

I’ve seen Everex pop up every so often and have rarely been disappointed. They’re an OEM reseller and simply rebadge or repackage nice hardware in their own cases, but this little bugger is on $498 and runs at a cool 1.5-GHz using the VIA VIA C7- M, a low-power chip, along with the VIA UniChrome Pro video engine.

While you probably won’t be playing Half-Life 8: Gordon Gets Some on this thing, you can probably get a little bit of work done. Best of all, it runs at 12 Watts at peak power, meaning it sips energy and might just last for that cross-country trip. It also has a 15.4″ display and 802.11b/g built-in and promises not to kill the birdies in the rain forest. Awww! Puppy!

Product Page [Everex]