Foot-Pump-Action Jump-Starter

It seems we’re on an alternative-fuel-source-for-transportation theme here, but we promise it’s all coincidence. That won’t stop us, however, from showing you, the reader, this FreeCharge Weze. It’s a foot-pump-operated dynamo for jump-starting your car or boat or Frankenstein’s Monster, but maybe not aircraft carriers, airplanes or Blake’s libido.

Use it instead of another battery with standard jumper cables. Just step on the charging arm a few times and you should have enough crankage to turn your engine over after just a few minutes. Sure, it may be a little exhausting, but think of the calories you’ll burn if you drive a beater.

We like the idea of using personal energy for emergency situations. We’re also hoping FreeCharge’s next device is a pull-string defibrillator. You should be able to find this gem for about $270 this holiday season.

FreeCharge Weza [Product Page]