HookUp for iPod: More is Less is More

As the rest of the portable music world heads down the path of device convergence (iPods becoming iPhones, cellphones becoming musicphones), Lenntek is taking a different route. Using the apparent philosophy that people actually want to carry more gear instead of less gear, it has introduced HookUp for iPod.

We’re guessing this Bluetooth device is for those with musicphone envy. HookUp is a Bluetooth tail for your iPod that lets you stream your music to your Bluetooth enabled phone. It automagically stops playback on an incoming call (just like a musicphone!). In addition, it comes with a wireless remote, so you have yet another thing to carry around. That makes a total of three devices instead of one (vs. a musicphone). Genius, Lenntek!

We suppose this finally gives any tool who buys one of those wearable gadget jackets something to fill his or her pockets with. Other than that, we really, really don’t get it. Maybe you will though after checking the product out, but you’ll need a web shirpa to navigate Lenntek’s Flashcrapular website.

HookUp Website