O'Neill H3 Campack Is The Coolest Backpack

Hardcore snowboarders are much cooler than you. Get over it. They stomp you in every conceivable way. Now, they have one more tool. The H3 Campack from O’Neill is everything you need to be plugged in while on the slopes. This backpack has controls on it that can be plugged into your DV cam, iPod and Bluetooth phone. Mmmmm….talking on the phone while snowboarding. That’s not all, though. Of course, the pack has weatherproof compartments, as is customary with packs of this type; and it also has a sort-of joystick that you can use to control your camera lens or your iPod’s playlist. Buy one for £240 ($449) and pretend that you’re as cool as those guys that never get off the slopes.

O NEILL to present ‘Campack’ a video backpack [AVing via Engadget]