Samsung to Dump WinMo, Symbian, Linux in Favor of Home Brew Smartphone OS!?

OK, we’re taking this with a grain of salt, but just a little tiny one. Our little birdie, who is in the know on smartphone OSes, sent us a tip concerning the idea that Samsung, the company responsible for many of the feature-rich yet slim phones across the country, is working on something totally new and totally awesome. So says the source, who goes on to assert that Samsung will be striking out on its own in the soon-to-be-red-hot smartphone market.

The real juicy bit here is that the tipster claims Samsung is dumping Windows Mobile, Symbian and Linux for its future smartphones. So what is it going to use? Its own OS. And a custom dual-core processor, with Java-on-a-chip. Even more, it’s planning on developing the mobile OS with an MPEG-based engine, built-in 3D acceleration and native Mp4 encoding and decoding. Ambitious task!

Of course any Internet rumor needs to be taken as just that: rumor. But that being said, our source has never let us down, so we have every reason to believe this is Sammy’s new strategy.