Veeker: Send Video Notes to the World…

… but does the world want to see them? Oliver at MobileCrunch just got the scoop on Veeker, a video messaging service that allows you to upload an MMS video and then send it to your personal page, your contacts, or the world. Like many proud video/image sharing sites before it, Veeker promises to be a one-stop shop for grainy images of people’s junk.

The system works like this: you take your video and email/MMS it to your account on Veeker. It goes into a queue, is processed, and appears wherever you tell it to appear. Then your friends and neighbors can embed your video in a web page or look at it in an RSS feed. It doesn’t appear to be up right now, but we’ll let you know what’s happening with Oliver sends his first video of the inside of his briefcase.

Veeker Launches Today- Mobile Video Will Be Changed Forever: a MobileCrunch Exclusive [MobileCrunch]