Apple Computer Poised to Launch 15.4-inch MacBook in May 2007


It currently offers a Core Duo model with a 13.3-inch widescreen glossy display in both white and black. The rumors circulating indicate that the company is planning on offering a version with a 15.4-inch LCD screen as a mid-range solution for those who don’t have need for the full-featured, Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro, its professional-grade laptop computer.

This rumor cannot currently be confirmed, but it goes on to speculate that the company, founded in the late ’70s and headed up by a man named Steven Jobs, will hand manufacturing of said notebooks to Foxconn Electronics, whom the company currently employs to manufacture portable audio and video devices for a line of products the company calls “iPod.”

In the past, Apple has relied on laptop specialists Asustek for assembling of its portable goods. There’s no word yet on what this shift might mean for the longterm relationship Apple has had with Asustek.

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