G-Tech Messenger Bag Lets You Control Your iPod And Listen To It Too

I love Eleksen’s ElekTex Smart Fabric and the companies that think up new ways to use it. Case in point, this messenger bag from G-Tech (by GoodHope Bags) that was announced earlier this week. Connect your iPod inside a pocket on the bag and you can use the Smart Fabric buttons on the strap to control your audio. That in and of itself isn’t too groundbreaking, but G-Tech added a speaker panel to the bag and a 3.5mm extension jack to connect to your iPod’s headphone output so your bag becomes an instant boom box. Actually, anything with a 3.5mm audio output will work, such as a laptop that can tap into your music collection without booting up. Not bad for $129. I’m just wondering how much weight it adds and if it comes in any other colors?

G-Tech Audio Bags [Product site]