How are We Doing? Part XIV

It will make us very happy.

We started this site on August 10, 2006. In that time, we’ve posted 1,662 stories, received 3,984 comments, gained 24,458 RSS readers, and hit an average of 12,375 pageviews per day. We’re 926 in Technorati and steadily rising. We held a New York meet-up where we met over 100 readers from all over the world. We named a blue blob. Why am I blowing my own horn here? I’m not, really. I’m pointing out that thanks to an excellent team of ragtag misfits, a little Mike Arrington special sauce, and the support of an amazing audience of readers, commentors, and trolls (you know who you are, trolls!), we’re making CG a readable, fun, and exciting site.

That said, let me know what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong. What do you need more of? What do you want to see less of? We’ll be adding meta data to our posts this month, which will enable you to search for products and websites independently of the post structure. We’re also working on exciting new features including a full Holiday Buyer’s Guide. Need to know what we really liked? Visit our Best Bytes page. Want to see the latest hot stories? Visit that little box on the side or go to the Hot Category page. Want to see a picture of Blake vacuuming? Click .

So flame away, friends. Tell us what we’re doing wrong. Yell at us. Or give us props for creating a tech blog that, in a few short months, has popped out ahead of the pack by staying focused on cool stuff you and I can actually buy.

One last thing: thanks for making this a great three months.