Trimersion Head Mounted Display

The Trimersion Head Mounted Display is a virtual reality setup for FPS games on the PC, PlayStation 2 and Xbox. All you have to do is plug the adapter into your gaming peripheral and you’re good to go. No drivers needed for PC, and the adapters are supported for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. Basically, the sensor tracks the HMD so when you move your head, your character moves its head. Same goes for when you fire the gun.

Since guns don’t really move in an FPS, holding one up to the screen can get annoying, so Trimersion also gives you the option of playing with the mouse. The HMD runs for a whopping $395, and only supports a short list of games which include Halo, Halo 2, Counter Strike and Medal of Honor. Since most of the games that are compatible with the HMD are old, it’s best to stay away from this extremely expensive product until it is at least compatible with next gen consoles, and more games.

Trimersion Head Mounted Display [product page]