Whip Firefox 2 Into Shape with Basic Tweaks

Firefox 2 has been out a little less than a week now, and the reviews are all over the Internet and mostly positive. But there are a few changes that we personally don’t like. Take, for example, the close-tab button. In the former Firefox, it was on the far right-hand side of the tab row. Now each inividual tab has it’s own close button, much like Camino. We don’t like this.

We tried a few extensions to remedy this problem, but they hadn’t been updated yet and made Firefox as unstable as Gary Busey at a rehab clinic.

Luckily, the wonderful ladies at Lifehacker put together this handy little guide to tweaking your Firefox into doing what you want it to. We used it to place the “close tab” box exactly where we wanted it. You can use it to do quite a bit more. Don’t let the “advanced config” name scare you, these are simple changes that will make your browser faster and easier for you to use.

Geek to Live: Top Firefox 2 config tweaks [Life Hacker]