White Chocolate Coming to Verizon For Halloween

Mmmmm, white chocolate. The white version of Verizon’s popular (is it?) LG phone is coming next Tuesday, just in time for halloween. The specs are the same as the black chocolate: 1.3-megapixel camera, micro SD slot, Bluetooth stereo A2DP music, WAP 2.0, and Flash themes. What’s different will be the price, which is $360 if you buy it retail, $230 if you sign on for one year, and $180 if you sign on for two years.

There’s no much reason to get this over the regular chocolate, unless you’re just one of those people who have to be different. In which case, your White Chocolate phone will go great with your Whitesnake tattoo and your White Zombie headbands.

White Chocolate comes to Verizon just in time for Halloween [Engadget Mobile]