Boost Mobile, Motorola "Female-Friendly" Phones

Boost Mobile, that “youth lifestyle-based telecommunications brand,” has announced the exclusive availability of the Motorola i835 handset, a mobile phone designed for the ladies. Available in purple and white, the exterior of the cell features a screen that lights up with “vibrant disco lights that move to the beat of a MIDI ringtone” when a call’s received. It’s also got some hand stenciling going on that’s pretty sweet that you may like if you’re a girl, which I am not. Motorola slapped a layer AgION antimicrobial coating on the phone to limit the amount of damage your bacteria-ridden face does to the body’s paint job, too.

The phone retails for $130 and can be had immediately at Boost Mobile. Oh and if you’re not the type to walk around with a floral-stenciled phone with disco lights, there’s a version in black as well.