Cook an Egg in an Xbox 360

Apparently the fans of the Xbox 360 keep the case cool enough so you can’t cook an egg on the outside – like the MacBook we saw a few months back – but you can cook it on the inside. How? By using the heat sinks.

A guy who got the big 3 red lights of death on his Xbox 360 decided to have a little fun and open up the case. After some experimenting, he discovered that the heatsinks were hot enough to boil water and flame sambuca. With that knowledge, they quickly went to work and dropped the egg right in. As you can see from the video, it actually looks, well, edible. We’re not sure how many chemicals from the heatsink and inside of the machine got into the eggs, but if this guy ever wanted to have children he should probably get started soon.

Xbox 360: gaming console, media hub, and frying pan? [Engadget via TechEBlog]