Top 10 Products With High Wife-Acceptance Value

Being the gadget lovers we are, we can’t count the times we brought home yet another expensive toy only to have our wives look at us in disgust, refusing to finish the “delicious” dinner she’d been making. Well, actually we could easily count the times by counting the scars on our backs thanks to the god-awful couch we end up sleeping on each time. Nevertheless, it would be nice to avoid such a situation entirely. Thanks to this list of the 10 most wife-acceptable gadgets, that may be possible.

The list has some unlikely stuff like a Sony VPL-VW50 projector (we don’t think so), a 50-inch plasma for less than $2,000 (maybe), Slingbox A/V (doubtful unless you married a nerd), and a Sonos bundle. The items she probably will accept are the iPod Nano, a TiVo Dual Tuner, and a Philips Digital Photo frame. From experience, we recommend you bringing home some flowers and an invitation for her mother to visit along with your new gadget anyway, just in case.

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