Antec Brings Spot Cool Fans to American Market

This is a rather “cool” idea (HAHA!) from Antec as a way to keep the hottest parts of your computer from going nuclear. Do-it-yourself computer modding is getting more and more insane as processors get higher clockspeeds and thus hit higher temperatures. The threat of burning out your proc or system board is very real, and geeks have taken to the problem with ingenuity, with everything from water cooling to liquid Nitrogen.

Antec has a less-extreme but just as clever way to compliment your cooling with its Spot Cool fans. These little 3-speed suckers plug into your standard fan port on the computer’s motherboard, but between the interface and the fan itself is a bendable arm, allowing you to target the “hot spot” that’s causing you grief. This allows for decent heat dissipation without breaking the bank. You should be able to find them soon at your American computer gear store for about $20 a pop, which is a decent price considering their usefulness.

Spot Cool Fans [Far East Gizmos]