Verizon to Offer OTA Contact Sync

Why is this man smiling? Because Verizon today announced it will be selling a service from Plaxo that allows its wireless customers to automagically sync up their contacts between their computers and mobile devices, over the air.

The Java BREW application is compatible with most current Verizon handsets and costs $4.49 a month. While we’d rather see this as a one-time fee-for-service charge, Verizon and Plaxo seem to think that its customers update their phonebooks a lot, when really, short of getting a new handset, users don’t. But if you’re a new customer or getting an upgraded phone, using the service for one month might not be a bad idea, though it can usually do it at any of its retail stores for a small fee. It still can’t stop you from drunk dialing you-know-who.

Verizon to Offer Mobile Phone Contact Updates