62 Titles For Nintendo Wii

Now that you know all about the Wii system’s virtual titles, its time to find out more about the next gen titles coming for the Wii. Nintendo Wii will have a total of 62 titles by the end of the year, 32 of which will be next gen titles (other other 30 are virtual titles). From what we’ve heard so far, there are enough Wii titles to hold gamers over until there are enough PlayStation 3 consoles to go around (for those planning on buying a PlayStation 3). The bad news is that most of these games are going to ports, meaning they will be made available to every console, not just the Wii. We’ll probably find Wiimote functionality on these games to be more of a “thrown on” feature. Plus, on the display side, the other next gen consoles will display these bi-platform games much better than the Wii.

We’re still going to have titles like Wii Sports, which is a Wii exclusive, that will keep us busy for a while until more first party games release for the Wii. Also, whenever a console first releases, there aren’t many first party games made available for it until later anyway, so the port issue shouldn’t be a big deal in 2007 (hopefully). My biggest concern is with The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, which was originally developed for the Nintendo GameCube. I’m hoping Nintendo will really iron the game out so the Wiimote will be intuitive, and not seem like an added on feature to the game. For gamers who plan on owning only the Nintendo Wii as their next gen console, this is great news, at least you know you’ll have the option to own games being released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 without paying an arm and a leg for your console.

62 Titles For Nintendo Wii [nintendo]