GameStop/EB Games Not Canceling PS3 Preorders

There’s a rumor going around that GameStop/EB Games is canceling PlayStation 3 preorders that are being sold in Ebay. It all started from one post at Evil Avatar. The post stated:

Today during a conference call, managers of EB Games stores in Canada were told that a list is being made of all pre-orders for PlayStation 3’s that have been posted for sale on eBay. Lists will be distributed to individual stores and all pre-orders that have appeared on eBay will be canceled by EB in the very near future. According to the information I’ve been given, this is a joint initiative between EB Games, Sony and eBay. eBay’s new policy regarding pre-order sales has made this possible by requiring that all pre-order listings include a photo of the receipt.

In response to the quickly-spreading rumor, director of public and media relations of GameStop/EB Games Chris Olivera stated it will not be canceling Ebay preorders. Ebay does have its own set of rules for users selling PS3s, so if you do decide to sell your preorder, make sure you read the guidelines first. I was hoping the rumor would be true, it would really stick it to the guy who took the day off work to make an easy couple grand while the rest of us, who don’t have two-thousand dollars for a console, are going crazy trying to find a PS3 so we can play it.

GameStop/EB Games Not Canceling PS3 Preorders []