Logitech Alto Makes Your Laptop More Desktop

This is pretty simple really—it’s a notebook stand that puts your screen at eye-level and includes a built-in, full-size keyboard—and I’m surprised, with all of Logitech’s accessory and peripheral knowledge, the company didn’t crank something like this out sooner. The keyboard is complete with a number pad, a media panel and a key layout that’ll be familiar to those accustomed to working on a desktop keyboard. It measures 9.33×16.84×1.41 inches, folds flat for storage and sets up fast requiring nothing more than placing the notebook on the stand and connecting a USB cable. The easy setup basically means you can have the experience of working on a desktop on just about any flat surface.

Logitech packed in some nice features too, giving the stand three built-in USB ports and a cable-management system, however, it will only support notebooks that weigh up to 9 pounds (no chubby desktop-replacements, please). The keyboard has “solid black surfaces and glossy black dashboard, which includes orange backlighted icons.”

Don’t hit the Web to pick one up just yet, though. It won’t find its way to Europe till December or the US till January 2007. But when it does show up, it’ll sell for $99.99.

Logitech Alto Takes Notebook PC Comfort to New Heights [press release]