Smartphones Now: Welcome

Welcome to Smartphones Now, our first annual survey of the smartphone arena. This collection of articles, which will run from today until this Friday, touches on the major smartphone OSes along with some of our favorite selections from this year’s crop.

One thing we’ve noticed this year is the mainstreaming of the smartphone market. Phones like the Blackberry Pearl and the Motorola Q have made smartphones a viable option for the average phone buyer and Cingular’s $99 Nokia E62 has, a smartphone with QWERTY-keypad and Blackberry compatibility, have placed these marvels squarely in the reach of just about everyone. Smartphones aren’t for the belt holster anymore – they’re for the purse, the briefcase, and the backpack.

Without further ado, we invite you to visit our Smartphones Now page for a complete listing of our current articles. We will be posting them to the main page and this page over the next three days.