Sony CDX-HS70MW Everything-Proof Head Unit For Boats

We’re not sure what use a sun, water and salt-resistant head unit would do for you, unless you regularly drive your car into the water (a no-no), or you’re James Bond in your marine car. But, Sony’s CDX-HS70MW marine stereo is satellite radio ready and compatible with the marine-commander remote control.

There’s also a rear RCA AUX input, AM tuner, and They do look very nice – red and black is the new black this year – and have a cool knob and face display. It will be available this winter for sun, water, and salt-enthusiasts everywhere.

Edit: Apparently this is for a boat. Aaaaaand I’m an idiot. It would probably be right at home in a boat/car as well.

Sony CDX-HS70MW Splash-proof marine head unit</a Far East Gizmos]