Xbox 360 Update Not So Rosy?

. Rather than wait for more confirmation, word from Sony, word from Microsoft, or ANYBODY ELSE to run into this problem, we’re going to go ahead and call it an epidemic and call Microsoft’s update a totally bug-ridden failure. Good idea, right?

In any case, Sony’s XBR2/XBR3 line of TV, which do support 1080p and are considered quite good at doing so, aren’t displaying 1080p from either component or VGA cables.

resolution, either with component cables or VGA. Via component, after selecting 1080p, the screen just turns to a distorted/static picture for a few seconds before reverting to 1080i. With VGA, the picture is severely cut off on both sides of the screen, and a prompt on the TV displays “Invalid Signal–Check Your PC Output.” Several owners of the TV claim that it will NOT accept 1080p over component, so that should take care of that factor. However, there is no conceivable reason these two pieces of equipment shouldn’t work together via VGA. Any other VGA device I’ve tested works fine on the set, and other competing sets (Samsung, Sharp) display the 360 in 1080p without any issu! es.

I’m anticipating some finger pointing here, but I don’t care who did what. I want my damn $4000 TV and my damn $400 video game console to work together like they should.

I don’t care! Make it work! Mommy, make the bad Microsoft man make my toys work!

Thread [AVS Forums via Kotaku]