Cingular Adds XM Channels To Service Options Along With Music Subscription Services

If you’re one of the more than 58 million Cingular Wireless customers in this country, on November 6 you’ll have the option to listen to audio streams of 25 of XM satellite radio’s commercial-free music channels on your handset. For a service charge of $8.99 per month (you didn’t think it would be free, did you?) subscribers will get a helping of the service’s most popular channels: The 70s, 80s and 90s decades channels, Top 20 on 20 (Top 20 Hits), Lucy (Classic Alternative Hits), The City (Hip-Hop/R&B Hits), XMU (Indie Rock), Bluesville (Blues), America (Classic Country Hits) and Viva (Latin Pop Hits).

This adds to the news that came down yesterday that the carrier will add access to Web music subscription services from Napster, Yahoo and others for playback on its phones. So does this mean that Cingular’s rumored “iPhones” will be able to playback tracks from iTMS and music subscription services and XM radio? Someone tell me, please??? If so, I’m switching my service to Cingular today.

Cingular confirms music plan for U.S. cell users [reuters]