GameStop And Toys 'R' Us Chosen For Wii Launch

Nintendo of America has stated that it has chosen two retailers, GameStop and Toys ‘R’ Us, to host the launch of the Nintendo Wii. No big surprise here, we already know that GameStop and Toys “R” Us were the first two stores to offer preorders for the Nintendo Wii. Toys “R” Us and GameStop will have more Wii systems in stock than other retailers like Best and Circuit City, and the two stores may also offer more accessories than its competitors (something good to know if you’re planning on buying component cables for your Wii). To make the event fun for gamers camping outside the stores there will also be bands, entertainment and a countdown to midnight on the night of the 18 at participating GameStop and Toys “R” Us stores. There’s no word on which stores will have the big event, so call your local store to see if it will be a part of Nintendo’s big Wii launch event before you put your party shoes on.

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