Nintendo Wii Playable At Florida GameStop

With Nintendo Wii being released in a mere 16 days, it’s about time we start seeing playable Wii demo kiosks around. A south Florida GameStop is now offering gamers the chance to go in and try out Excite Truck on the Wii, and you can bet you’re gonna have to give the employees some kind of collateral for a chance to touch the Wiimote. It’s been reported that you will have to give up your keys and/or your driver’s license before you play the Wii.

Reports have also stated that the Wiimote is very intuitive- it took gamers about 3 rounds to master the controls. It takes more time to learn how to play the new Final Fantasy XII with a regular PS2 remote! It shouldn’t be too long before playable Wii kiosks start showing up nationwide, so keep checking in with your local GameStop and/or Toys “R” Us to see if they’re in.

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