Intec Power AC Adapter Xbox 360

If you’re worried about your Xbox 360 overheating and then erupting into a fiery inferno that then consumes all of your worldly possessions, including your grandfather’s favorite wooden leg, then take a look at the Xbox 360 Power AC Adapter from Intec. Unlike the mammoth brick that comes stock with 360s, this adapter includes a fan that is said to keep it from blazing.

It also features a three status LED that indicates: orange for stand-by, green for OK and red for malfunction, danger, flee, etc. Oh and have your wallet ready, because this adapter costs $99.82. Wal-mart says it will be available on November 10, so instead of picking up your Wii, you can give me your preorder and then buy a couple of these things and possibly use one for self-defense.

Product Page [via Engadget]