MediaTech 2.006: who is walking the walk?

Thursday 30th November is Library House’s MediaTech 2.006 event at the Imax Theatre, London which aims to bring together some of the hottest startup companies and incumbent giants together in order to discuss the convergence of media, technology and communications all in one event.

The event is sponsored by Microsoft and Intel Capital with contributions from top entrepreneurs such as Bob Young (CEO, and co-founder of Red Hat), from industry giants such as Google, SKY and Yahoo, from Sequoia’s latest investee company Admob, and from top investors such as Index Ventures.

If you are interested in partnering with Google, Microsoft or Yahoo or just looking for advice on getting investment, then now is the time to register your place. If you are a startup company who might like to be considered as a presenting company, please get in touch with


Speaking with Richard Youngman, the VP of Research at Library House and the organiser of this event, about some of the start-ups already coming to the event, we both agreed that there is a real sense of energy, creativity of entrepreneurial spirit going on right now here in the UK and that 2007 looks set to be a very good year for entrepreneurs.

“As we all know the internet as a medium can be very disruptive, but still it’s in its infancy so no one can be sure how it will play out or what will prove to be the next killer app. said Richard. This probably explains the sheer number of new ventures we are seeing, it feels a bit like the Wild Wild Web because barriers to entry are so low and new opportunities abound in all market sectors”

So I think this event is very timely and well worth attending given that Library House has chosen to bring together in one place for one day all the key UK players whose actions and decisions will shape the future – the innovators (hot start-ups), the investors (Index ventures and others) and the corporate players (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Intel).

Two things I really like about the potential of this event. One, it is setting up the agenda to move the conversation forward in order to help UK entrepreneurs by focusing on what investors and potential corporate investors/acquirers are looking for from UK start-ups in order to be successful.
Second, I like its notion to reach out through us bloggers, prior to the event, to bring in the views of a larger UK audience and to share viewpoints back after. See the “Meet the Bloggers” concept in the event agenda.

Meet the bloggers: A handful of well-known bloggers are getting involved with the event. They will look to stir up a debate before and after the event with a view to feeding the panels with questions around what people in the blogosphere regard as the issues of the day.

At the event itself, they will be available during network breaks to give delegates the opportunity to ‘pitch’ interesting content at them. Such content might feed their postings from the event or future ones. The bloggers will also take part in the wrap-up panel.

So please register or if you can’t come, you could at least give me your views on who you think are the hottest young companies in the UK or what you think the big discussions points the event’s speakers and panelists should address. The organisers will be watching here for your comments and incorporate the feedback into the agenda or the Q&A.