PSP Cell Phone With Nintendo Emulator

The PSP-clone cell phone is another ultra-cool phone that will probably never reach American shores. Released by TJR of China, the V191 PSP -clone cell phone features video playback (AVI), music playback (MP3, MPEG-4), a microSD memory card slot, a 1.3-megapixel camera and a touch-screen display. The V191 does not have the analog stick found on the original PSP, nor does it have a UMD drive. No worries here, I don’t have any problems saying goodbye to PSP games, though I do have some good anime UMDs I like to watch every one in a while.

Though TJR has not, um, enabled PSP gaming on the V191, it will feature something gamers will find a lot more enticing: A Nintendo emulator. The NES emulator software is built into the V191, which lets you play those old-school NES games without having to download any homebrew software. The V191 PSP-clone cell phone is also smaller than the original PSP, so don’t worry about holding up a gigantic phone to your ear. Don’t think you’ll be getting all these goodies without a price though, the V191 is also one of the most expensive cell phones in the market right now, retailing in Hong Kong for $650.

PSP Cell Phone With Nintendo Emulator [uber phone]