Top Ten Things to Improve in OS X Leopard

While most of these are fairly esoteric, TUAW has some good ideas for making OS X even better than the average bear. For example:

Removing applications – and all their baggage: Deleting (or “uninstalling”) an app on Mac OS X is easy: you just move it to the trash. But what about all the extra data apps create when you use them (databases, media libraries, etc.)?

Because Apple pays us to love them — actually they don’t but wouldn’t that be nice — we consider this list a group of “wants” rather than needs, aside from idle disk removal sans unmounting. Unmounting is a one-click procedure, but the little window that pops up reminding you that you’ve just destroyed all your data and potentially made yourself sterile is a bit much. Just give us a graceful unmount procedure without wigging out, OS X.

My top X unlikely requests for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard [TUAW]