Best Buy Cancels Online PlayStation 3 Preorders

If you were lucky enough to grab a Sony PlayStation 3 preorder from Best Buy’s website, sorry to say but you’re order will be canceled (if it hasn’t been already). Best Buy has been sending out emails to all its customers with preordered PS3s, telling them that their preorder will be canceled. Not only that, but Best Buy also stated that its online website was not made to take preorders. As if it’s any type of comfort, Best Buy gave anyone who’s preorder was canceled a $10 digital coupon (which can only be used at Joy.

Like I said before, this is the time to get on the mailing list for every major retailer—and check your email often. If you don’t manage to get a preorder before launch, you will have to take a couple days off work and join campers to get a PlayStation 3. It isn’t all bad though, camping out is usually fun, see our guide for more info!

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