Bostitch Nails PopSci Innovation Of The Year

Popular Science magazine announced its 2006 “Best of What’s New” list today giving innovation of the year to a nail made by hardware manufacturer Bostitch. The HurriQuake nail is designed to withstand nature’s tantrums.

The bottom section is circled with angled barbs that resist pulling out in wind gusts up to 170 mph. This “ring shank” stops halfway up to leave the middle of the nail, which endures the most punishment during an earthquake, at its maximum thickness and strength. The blade-like facets of the nail’s twisted top—the spiral shank—keep planks from wobbling, which weakens a joint.

One of the best parts about the HurriQuake is its price: The nail adds only about $15 to the total cost of building a home.

Best of What’s New 2006 [popular science]