Amp'd Mobile to Launch Smartphones, Starting with Motorola Q?

We just received an anonymous tip on Amp’d Mobile, claiming the youth-oriented network is planning on leveraging its hybrid pricing plans to become the first MVNO to offer smartphones. While this sounds like bullpucky at first, the tipster included these photos (that appear to be real) of what looks like an Amp’d-branded Motorola Q. That got our attention.

While it’s known that Amp’d has love for Moto, this is completely out of left field. If true, however, it’s not just exciting news to the network’s customers, but also a sign of the coming of the “casual smartphone user,” as smartphones move out of the office and into the hands of soccer moms and NASCAR dads across the country.

The tipster, sadly, has no stats for the Amp’d Q (which will probably have another name if and when it’s launched), but it’s likely to be the same as the Verizon version, running Windows Mobile 5: Smartphone Edition, though the photos don’t show the operating system, so this isn’t for sure.

‘Nother pic after the drop.