Fox News Attacks Sony PlayStation Portable

I’m all for bashing the Sony PSP — it’s an overpriced handheld with a slew of awful games, but this is absolutely ridiculous. Fox 29 News is attacking the PSP for its WiFi capabilities. One of the good things about the handheld device is that it supports multiplayer and web browsing via WiFi (it’s one of the few things that justify the PSP’s price). Fox 29 News stated that the PlayStation Portable is also known as “PlayStation Pornable,” because pornographic material can be accessed via the PSP’s web browser. That can’t be good for PSP sales (right before Christmas too).

Fox 29 News goes further to say that the PSP may link your children to not only adult sites, but also pedophiles, who they’ll eventually want to go out and meet. The police should really get their hands on a few PSPs, it’d really help them out a bit. If you watch the video all the way through, you’ll start to notice that the entire thing is media scare tactic. From pornography on the PSP, to extreme violence in gaming (sorry, F.E.A.R. isn’t even on the PSP), to pedophilia via online gaming forums/chat rooms (um, there’s no chatting on the PSP either), Fox 29 News throws whatever it can to scare its audience. If some kid gets online on his PSP through the school’s WiFi network- someone needs to tell the school to put a password lock on it’s wireless network, it’s that simple. It’s easy to point the finger at a PSP, because then no one has to take responsibility for the child.

Fox 29 News Attacks Sony PlayStation Portable [Fox 29 News]