Helio Adds Drift To Lineup

Helio has dropped another phone for its MySpace-centric subscribers, named the Drift. The Drift is a Samsung slider in white or black and features location-based services (poor man’s GPS) that include turn-by-turn driving directions and a friend-finding feature similar to the Loopt service offered by Boost, all via its EV-DO. And with its stereo Bluetooth, 2-megapixel camera, 320 x 240 display, 128MB internal RAM and microSD slot, you’ve got a full-featured phone for $225.

This is a slick move for the youth-based MVNO, as subscribers who’ll actually pay $80 with unlimited data will want a phone that can fully take advantage of the service. Look for another phone from Helio sometime before Xmas. Rumors state that it will be a little more to the mid-range, but will likely also feature some location based fun.

Samsung to release new “Drift” phone