Jabra BT-Series Headsets: The BT Stands for Bluetooth Quality

Here we present the BT8010, a stereo Bluetooth headset that streams audio from a cellphone and or an MP3 player alongside the BT 325s and the 320s. All of them connect to Bluetooth phones and all offer stereo audio from either a Bluetooth enabled MP3 player or a headphone jack.

The 8010 actually consists of a “mono” headset that turns into a stereo headset by connecting the two earpieces with a cable. You can then connect an MP3 player and listen to your tunes or detach on end and use it as a standard headset.

The 325 and 320 use the same principle although the 325s also connects to the mini-plug headphone ports found on some phones. The 325s is available now and the rest of them will be be available come CES time.

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