BBC Backstage Christmas Blog – Sign up open now

BBC There is a BBC Backstage Christmas Party being organised by Ian Forrester (the serial geek event organiser) at the Cuban Bar on Saturday 9th December in London. The event is free due the support of yet to be announced sponsors. Although I can confirm that TechCrunch is one of them ;-)

I think Ian has come up with a great idea and I can’t wait for the evening. Below is how Ian describes what he has achieved in his own words.

“Rather than host it ourselves and clash with everyone else’s parties. We decided that it would be very fitting to backstage if we collaborated together some of the best groups and communities in London. Then got them under one roof to share in the Christmas Party…Seemed like a crazy idea, but I would like to introduce our fantastic partners for the Christmas Bash”

So please signup here and keep a note in your calendar, as Saturday 9th December looks to be a fantastic night to be in London.

Update 1:

The other sponsors so far are: BBC

Trusted Places
Skills Matter
TechCrunch UK

Update 2:

Nearly 400 people have registered already – see who is coming here