Money Mondays: a chance to showcase your startup

Attention entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and early stage investors!
TechCrunch UK & Ireland is announcing a new initiative to showcase technology startups looking for funding: “Money Mondays” (OK, we know the name isn’t great but we weren’t keen on “Wonga Wednesdays”).

Each Monday for a month, starting on Monday 20th November, we’ll showcase, and publish contact details for, a web or mobile startup which has yet to secure formal funding. They will have to have either an application of their idea up and running (e.g. a live web site) or a working demo or beta we can look at.

Startups can submit a short ‘pitch’ (and we mean short – half an A4 page if you want a guide) to us by the preceding Friday. In particular, we’ll be looking for smart applications of the new wave of web and mobile techniques and strategies.
The goal here is to support the start-up community of entrepreneurs and to make this a pretty informal, accessible way of attracting attention from potential investors, even towards ideas coming out of the ‘back bedroom’.

It doesn’t mean we’ll ‘take the gloves off’ in our critique of companies. It’s not a formal competition, but we hope this will act as a useful shot-in the arm for the startup community.

The first deadline is Friday 17th November.

Please use our Contact form to submit your project.